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MAGENTA – Angels And Damned : 20th Anniversary Show (2CD+2DVD)

Royaume-Uni, 2021, digipack (2CD+2DVD)

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MAGENTA – Angels And Damned : 20th Anniversary Show (2CD+2DVD)

Royaume-Uni, 2021, digipack (2CD+2DVD)

Pour célébrer les vingt ans d’activité de Magenta, le groupe principal de Rob Reed, ce dernier a décidé de sortir le concert réalisé à cette occasion à Newbury. Concert d’exception, à bien des égards. D’abord parce que, anniversaire oblige, des compositions de toutes les époques ont été sélectionnées, aucun album studio n’étant oublié. Ensuite, en raison de la présence de quelques invités de luxe, David Longdon de Big Big Train (qui interprète avec Christina Booth la version chantée du “Spectral Mornings” de Steve Hackett qu’ils avaient réalisée) et Peter Jones, dont le talent explose depuis quelques années déjà ; ce dernier rappelle ici qu’il est un très bon instrumentiste en plus d’être un excellent chanteur. Enfin, ce concert présente la particularité d’offrir quelques numéros d’acteurs illustrant les thèmes de plusieurs morceaux. Ce spectacle de deux heures bénéficie d’un écrin à sa mesure, avec pas moins de deux CD et deux DVD. Devant une telle qualité, aucune hésitation à casser sa tirelire !


In May of 2019 Magenta celebrated their 20th anniversary by performing to a sold out audience at the Arlington Arts Centre in England. Full advantage was taken of this state of the art facility and with the addition of live actors and theatrical props; it was an evening that everyone in attendance will never forget. The performance featured songs from all seven of Magenta’s studio albums including favourites “The White Witch”, “Red”, “Gluttony” and a 48 minute section from the 2006 album Home. The band was augmented by the addition of flute, oboe and orchestral percussion, along with guest appearances by Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales / Camel) and David Longdon from Big Big Train, who performed Steve Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings”.

Rob Reed :
“I can’t believe it has been 20 years since the beginning of Magenta. Back in 1999 I was in the process of making the fourth Cyan album and Tina and I had just called it quits with our pop outfit Trippa. I just tried a section of the new Cyan material with Tina singing and I knew instantly we had something special and that it had to be a new band; Magenta and the album Revolutions were born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Christina ( Singer) :
20 years have passed since Rob Reed asked me if I’d like to get involved in a ‘studio’ project called Magenta and record an album that ended up being Revolutions. Little did I know that 20+ years later I would still be fronting Magenta and looking back on what has been an amazing part of my life. The Newbury gig nearly didn’t happen when I came down with a chest infection but luckily it went ahead and here it is so I hope you enjoy it. I believe that we give our all when we perform live and I’m privileged to work with such talented musicians who are also very good friends.

Chris Fry ( Guitarist) :
The music has taken us on many journeys around the globe and without it there are experiences that would never have happened. For this, I will always be grateful. We have had various concepts; acoustic renditions, reworking‘s and additional orchestrations, which have always been a joy to be part of and make up a Magenta gig and the 20th anniversary show was an opportunity to bring those ideas to the concert and more. Thanks as always to all the fans who have always been amazing and part of Magenta for the past 20 years! It’s always a blast!

This release consists of two DVDs and two CDs featuring the 140 minute concert in its entirety.
Angles And Damned will be released by Tigermoth Records on May 28th 2021.

CD/DVD Disc 1 :
1. Opus 3
2. Gluttony
3. This Life
4. Hurt
5. Moving On
6. Towers Of Hope
7. Demons
8. Morning Sunlight
9. The Dream
10. The Visionary
11. Journey’s End
12. Lightspeed
13. The Warning

CD/DVD Disc 2 :
1. Trojan
2. Pearl
3. The Ballad Of Samuel Layne
4. Red
5. The White Witch
6. Spectral Mornings (featuring David Longdon)
7. The Lizard King

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